Celebrating Cats in A Beatle Way

It is said that pet lovers can be divided into two groups, it is either you are a cat person or you are a dog person. These lovable animal companions are just so cute that people get so attached to them. More often than not, the coats of these pets are the reason for their cuteness and adorableness. Although very common, the tabby pattern in cats is lovable for cat lovers.
Tabby Cats
A cat is classified as a Tabby Cat when it is a domesticated and with coat features like dots, lines or stripes and the pattern on their forehead usually resemble the letter M. The Tabby identification for cats is just an identification associated with the said coat features and not an identification like breeds as different breeds of cats display the above mentioned coat features. These patterns are also not exclusive the pure bred cats as mixed-bred cats in general can also exhibit the patterns.
The tabby patterns are usually classified by cat lovers into four different types. The Mackerel Tabby, the Classic Tabby, the Ticked Tabby and the Spotted Tabby. These patterns are the ones that can make a mark on the pet owner and can be the distinguishing factors to know their pet cat.
Pet Celebration
Pet lovers often celebrate their pets in so many different ways. With the help of the improvements in the field in printing, pet lovers can celebrate their pets with t-shirts prints, wall portraits and even pillow designs. One of the popular
An example of personifying cats is the Tabbey Road print, which can be seen at tabbeyrd.com. This print features cats crossing the street with a pedestrian lane. This title Tabbey Road is a word play for the Tabby cat and the Abbey Road album by The Beatles. The cover of that album features the famous band cross the street, which is now referred to as the Abbey Road.